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Choosing the Right Birth Control: Advice from a Mesa Gynecologist

Author: Stephine Kramer, M.D., Board Certified-Diplomate

Choosing the right birth control is a decision almost every sexually active woman has to make at least once. Statistics show that 99% of women age 15-44 who have ever had sexual intercouse have used at least one form of contraception. For many women, the preferred form of contraception may change over the years, depending on a number of factors. So, how can you ever choose the right birth control? Well, “perfect” might not be the best mindset for going about the process…

Choosing the Right Birth Control – Why ‘Perfect’ Is Unattainable

It’s important for patients to realize that there is no “perfect” birth control. And I’m not just referring to failure rates. (Though the Essure procedure does come pretty close with 99.83% success rates.) Because both your body and external factors are constantly changing, it’s highly unlikely for the average woman to find a “perfect” birth control to last all her reproductive years.

Factors to Consider In Choosing the Right Birth Control

So, you can’t get “perfect.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t get close! Here are some things you should consider when searching for the right birth control:

  • How effective is the method? Can you live with the failure rate?
  • What is the use failure rate? Condoms, for example, are more prone to user failure than, say, the IUD. Do you trust yourself to use the method correctly every time you have sex?
  • Do you need disease protection? If you have sex with multiple partners, then disease protection may be an important feature of your chosen birth control method.
  • What side effects are you okay with? What side effects do you not want to risk?
  • Do you ever want to have children? If so, when? With some methods, like Depo Provera, you have to wait at least a year after your last treatment to be able to conceive.
  • What does the birth control method cost? Is the cost reasonable given your sexual activity, health plan, and financial status?

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