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Endometrial Ablation: Permanent Therapy for Heavy Bleeding

Author: Stephine Kramer, M.D., Board Certified-Diplomate

What is endometrial ablation?

Endometrial ablation is a procedure that may women who are done having children undergo to stop or reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. There are many different ways to do the procedure, which your gynecologist at East Valley Women’s Medical Group can tell you about. However, all endometrial ablation procedures do share one thing in common…

In this procedure, the endometrium (a layer of tissue lining the uterus) is destroyed. Once destroyed, this tissue no longer regenerates and sheds every month (i.e. menstruation). Women who undergo this procedure typically experience no menstrual bleeding or at least a significant reduction in heavy menstrual bleeding.

How is endometrial ablation performed?

There are a number of techniques used to perform endometrial ablation. Your East Valley gynecologist may be specially trained in one of these approaches; or, she may prescribe one approach over another because of the specific nature of your case…

Electric current, heated fluid, cyroablation (freezing), microwave, and radiofrequency ablation (another form of electrical current) may be used to ablate the endometrial lining. Most endometrial ablations today are performed as outpatient procedures. A simple local anesthetic may even be sufficient.

Who needs endometrial ablation?

The decision to have endometrial ablation belongs to the patient. Your East Valley gynecologist may recommend a version of this procedure if you…

  • Have extremely heavy periods
  • Have long-lasting periods
  • Frequently experience bleeding between periods

“Heavy” menstrual bleeding is typically considered soaking through one sanitary product per hour. “Long-lasting” periods are usually seven days or more.

Tempe, Gilbert & Mesa Gynecologist: Endometrial Ablation

If you’re like many women who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding and painful cramps, you want a permanent solution to bring your symptoms under control. Gynecologists at East Valley Women’s Medical Group (Tempe, Mesa & Gilbert, AZ) have successfully performed endometrial ablation for a number of women in the East Valley area. To learn more about whether this procedure is right for you, contact us. You can also schedule your appointment online.

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