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How to Prepare for a Natural Childbirth: Nurse Midwife’s Tips

Author: Marla Vogt-Roberts, MSN, CNM

So, you know you want to have a natural childbirth? As awareness about certified nurse midwives increases – and as more women realize the benefits of having a baby without a epidural – it makes sense that so many patients decide to take the natural route. Your nurse midwife will do everything in her power to help you prepare for this experience.

4 Ways You Can Prepare for Birth

Start early in pregnancy! Good nutrition and exercise throughout pregnancy is important. The female body is designed to labor and birth. Your desires, thoughts, expectations, past experiences and fears are important and will be discussed and shared. Every woman has a unique story and medical history that may affect her birth experience. Here are a few tips and suggestions I share with many of my patients as they prepare for natural childbirth.

  1. I may not be very flexible, but I love doing yoga. Many of my patients have a great experience doing prenatal yoga. Take a class or watch videos at home. Prenatal yoga can help open up the hips and prepare you for birthing your baby. It is great for back pain, sciatic pain, and helps you focus on baby. (Don’t overdo the stretching; during pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin that increases flexibility. Don’t try testing your relaxin hormone to its limit!)
  2. Incorporate a cardio routine into your day. Getting 15-30 minutes of activity per day will help prepare your body for birthing. Walking and swimming are great. If you can safely get your heart rate up to 150 beats per minute… great!
  3. Take childbirth classes. There’s something for everybody to learn in taking a childbirth class. Bring along a support person. I have referrals for HypnoBirthing, Bradley and Lamaze classes. Not only will you learn a lot, but you’ll also meet others who are in your same stage of life.
  4. Know in advance who you want – and who you don’t want – in the room with you during birth. If you want to use a doula, plan ahead. Yes, I work with Doulas! A Doula is a trained labor support person. She can be at your house in early labor and then come with you to the hospital and we work together to support you. If you know you don’t want your mother-in-law or grandfather present, plan ahead. Having the right support team in the room can make all the difference during the birthing experience. I can help you with this if you need it.

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