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Non-Surgical Sterilization – Essure Tubal Ligation

What is Essure?

Essure is a permanent sterilization procedure that is performed in just a few minutes on an outpatient basis. No incisions or anesthesia is required. Essure is available in Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert, AZ through East Valley Women’s Medical Group. The procedure has been performed on more than 500,000 women since it first became available in 2002.

How effective is Essure tubal ligation?

According to five-year clinical data studies, Essure has an effectiveness rate of 99.83 percent. This makes Essure the most effective birth control on the market. Your gynecologist can tell you more at East Valley Women’s Medical Group.

How is the Essure procedure performed?

The Essure procedure relies on two small nickel titanium alloy coils with stainless steel inner coils. These two coils are inserted into the fallopian tubes – through the vagina, cervix, and uterus – via hysteroscope. During the procedure, the uterus is filled with fluid so that your health care provider can view the fallopian tubes. Using a tiny catheter, in conjunction with the hysteroscope, the provider inserts the coils into the fallopian tubes.

Over the next three months, the body naturally responds to the nickel coils by creating scar tissue around them (a painless process). During this time, you will need to use another form of contraception, as the fallopian tubes are not fully blocked. After about three months, scar tissue blocks the fallopian tubes entirely, preventing sperm from reaching the ovaries and fertilizing an egg.

At the three-month point, you will return to your OB/GYN at East Valley Women’s Medical Group for an x-ray or ultrasound to confirm that the fallopian tubes are entirely blocked. If the coils remained in place and scar tissue developed, then the procedure was effective. The Essure procedure is non-reversible.

What are the benefits of Essure (compared to other birth control methods)?

Essure offers a number of benefits when compared to other birth control methods:

  • Nonsurgical. Unlike other permanent sterilization procedures, no incisions or general anesthesia is necessary. (Many health care providers offer local anesthesia; however, even local anesthesia is not necessary with Essure.)
  • No hormones. Essure does not interfere with your body’s natural hormone production and regulation. No hormones are involved.
  • Virtually no recovery process. The procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. Patients can return home about 45 minutes after the procedure and can return to their normal activities in one to two days or less.
  • Clinically proven to be the most effective form of birth control. Essure is 99.83 percent effective.
  • Covered by insurance. Many health insurance plans cover the Essure procedure.

Schedule An Appointment for Essure in Gilbert, Tempe or Mesa, AZ

To learn more about Essure non-surgical sterilization, contact East Valley Women’s Medical Group at 480.632.2004. Gynecology services available in Tempe, Gilbert and Mesa, AZ. You can also schedule an appointment online.



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